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The concept will be expanded to include apps that deliver the slogans to your phone or inbox on a daily basis. An astonishing 197 billion apps were downloaded in 2017 and we believe the One Day Wiser app has the huge potential to be an important part of that market.

It will also be extended to include gift items such as post-it notes, mugs, t-shirts, online and traditional calendars and greeting cards, bookmarks, and other special licensing opportunities.

> Online greeting cards available with various messages: Happy Birthday, Keep it Up, Congratulations, Thinking of You etc. but linked to One Day Wiser slogans. Sample card here has sound.

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> Each t-shirt will carry a slogan but have a special reveal of the expanded meaning of the slogan on the inside of the hem.

One Day Wiser will be a series of four handbooks that together contain 365 sobriety related slogans—one for each day of the year.

Some of the slogans are the traditional, familiar ones. Some are new, written by author, William Armitage. Accompanying each short slogan will be a longer interpretation with an additional beneficial message for the reader. The etymology of slogan is at right.

Each book will be ninety-five pages long and be available in both printed and electronic form. 

The distinctive cover designs feature an elephant in meditative mode. The symbolism is intentional. 

For many families, alcoholism is the elephant in the room. But elephants also represent strength. With the power to overcome things.

The Hindu tradition states that by worshipping Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in Hinduism, one can remove all obstacles and difficulties.

Below are some sample interior pages. As you will see further down the page, the distinctive design will translate to other mediums.

A percentage of all sales will go to carefully selected not-for-profit recovery centers.





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For more information and details of how you can participate in the One Day Wiser project, please write to:  info@onedaywiser.com


William Armitage was an award-winning advertising copywriter and art director before turning to the book marketing, editing, and publishing world. He is the author of the well-received I’m not sure about God and the upcoming Hymns I Want at My Funeral as well as 'CB' The Croissant Bird—a charming tale inspired by a real-life catbird.

He was also the developmental editor of National Bestseller Unblinded by Traci Medford-Rosow and Kevin Coughlin, and he is the editor of the popular Max the Flying Sausage Dog children's books.

He is a friend of Bill's.